LACT units are used for accurate measurement in compliance to American Petroleum Institute (API) and the Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards (MPMS). They are essentially the cash register for your operation.  Minor errors can have a substantial effect on the productivity and measurement, while leaving it vulnerable to charges and penalties.

At G&C Optimization, we provide LACT measurement systems for pipeline and trucking applications. Our panels not only provide custody transfer quality measurement, but also include LACT control for local and/or remote operations.  We offer a variety of flow computer panels, with various options that may be used for truck loading, unloading, and blending. One panel can control multiple LACT, and can also be adapted to optimize the entire facility.  Our solutions accommodate extensive and thorough reporting of daily and monthly operations, through means of an onsite or off-site ticket printer, as well as internal storage with online access. We also provide full SCADA support with remote monitoring and assist with Flow-Cal integration.

Standardized LACT units are composed of the following components:

Flow Computers (Flow-Cal integration)

Coriolis Meters

Positive Displacement Meters

Turbine Meters

Control and Data Acquisition Systems


Monitors and Strainers
Valves and Pumps

We also provide solutions for pipeline applications incorporating control, measurement and optimization to include SCADA control and remote monitoring.